Sky Lights

Glass Skylights are found to be appealing in any room, they allow the sunshine to beam through reducing the need for artificial light and reducing energy costs or you may even enjoy the sound of raindrops pitter patter on the glass whilst enjoying some relaxation time. You can be sure that having a skylight fitted in any room whether its a kitchen, living, bedroom or bathroom which every skylight you opt for will offer a very graceful and elegant look. We offer a wide range of structural glass skylights on the market using a state of the art aluminium frame and using our long-lasting glazing materials we offer the options of Velux skylights, Flat skylights or even a 3D skylight all of which are tested to ensure they offer the ultimate strength and durability against any weather conditions. Whichever skylight you opt for we can guarantee it will offer a distinguishing feature to your home with maximum security and safety. 


Technical and safety 

Not only does the skylight or roof lantern offer extra natural light most also offer extra ventilation. In any building, the heat always rises to the ceiling, so if you opt for a skylight which can be opened you can release the unwanted heat you may gain in the day but then close the skylight at night to keep the warmth in throughout the night.

Another factor to consider when choosing your skylight is where the skylight is positioned. Skylights on roofs that face north provide constant but cool lighting. Whereas skylights that are east facing provide maximum light and solar heat gain the morning. West facing skylights provide afternoon sunlight and heat gain. 

We also have the advantage of offering different coatings that are applied to the glass at the manufacturing stage using a high-tech glass option which helps reduce both heat loss and noise. Master Plastics Skylights and Skylanterns can be incorporated into a new build or extension, an existing extension, or anywhere you have a flat roof. They offer the ultimate feeling of space & light and will completely transform your living areas.