Structural Glass Balustrade

Structural glass balustrades are designed to be used as a balcony system or stair rail without interrupting views as they add an elegant touch allowing a natural flow of light through the balustrade. Both designs can be done with or without an aluminium handrail and can be personally designed unique to you.

We offer a comprehensive range of frameless, semi-frameless and handrail systems suitable for both internal and external use made with 316-grade stainless steel with a choice of post, spigot or dry glazed U channel systems all meeting a design force of up to 1.5kn. One of the beauties of Glass Balustrades is that they also create the illusions of more space, allowing any area to look bigger than it actually is especially if they are made with crystal clear glass.


Health and Safety

Glass balustrades are made with toughened glass which is 5x stronger than normal annealed glass.

Toughened glass is a type of safety glass hence why it is used for glass balustrades meaning it rarely breaks making the balustrades super safe in any home. It takes extreme force to break these strong balustrades since they are often as strong as steel. Even if the tempered glass did break, the shards of glass are not sharp, which means that glass is a great choice for any area, even in homes where children may be present.