How to clean your glass to a professional standard

A how-to-guide on cleaning your glass to a professional standard

As we’ve had a lot of our customers asking for recommendations on how to clean their new glass products we decided to write this blog as a “ how-to-guide.”  In this blog we talk about how to clean glass to a professional standed.  We have used glass balustrades as an example all though the methods listed below can also be used on, windows, doors, partitions, screens etc.

Monthly Manual Deep Clean Procedure

Cleaning your glass balustrades is important if you want to keep the crystal-clear view they are designed for. We recommend you deep clean your glass at least once a month to clean away any dirt that may be stuck to the glass caused by general air pollution, rain, sticky fingerprints and any glass cleaner residue that may have built up.  If you are cleaning external glass balustrades we also recommend you complete this process in the evening when the temperature is cooler, and glass isn’t in direct sunlight.                        When water is applied to glass that is heated by the sun the glass will create visible spots of water evaporation.  


To start we recommend you rinse the balustrades using a garden hose or water spray starting from the top of the balustrade and working your way down to rinse away any surface dirt. Once you have completed this process apply generous amounts of soapy warm water to the glass using a lint-free towel or cloth, rubbing the glass in circular motions, this will remove any dirt and residue left.

Once you have completed the process above rinse the soap away and dry with a clean, dry lint-free towel/cloth or paper towel.  Do not use a toilet roll or kitchen roll as this may leave behind tissue on the glass. Wipe the glass until it is almost dry, you will see a thin film of moisture left on the glass surface, allow this to evaporate on its own to prevent streaking.

Another option to remove the soap and to get that crystal-clear view would be to use a squeegee instead of a cloth or paper towel. We only recommend you use a squeegee if it is something you have used before and you are confident in using a squeegee. As these can sometimes leave unwanted marks on the glass, they can also pick up bits of dirt in the blade causing scratches across the coating.

 Spot Cleaning

Now that your glass balustrade is squeaky clean all you need to do now is to keep on top of it throughout the month. Now we recommend using a specialist glass cleaner (please make sure this is none solvent based and nonabrasive) and a lint-free cloth or paper towel. If you a notice a little bit of dirt on the glass spray a small amount of glass cleaner on to your cloth or towel and lightly rub the marked area, once you see the mark or dirt has gone, dry the glass with a clean dry lint-free cloth or towel. 

If there are multiple marks on the glass but it doesn't require a deep clean the glass cleaner can be sprayed directly onto the glass from a distance, then wipe all the cleaner away using a lint-free cloth or paper towel. Again, allow some of the moisture to remain on the glass and for it to evaporate on its own to avoid streaks.

Please note: If your glass has any kind of coating please check your manufactures instructions on how to clean your glass.