Bespoke Aluminium Bi-folding Doors 

 Bi-folding doors are the latest design in the modern world and are constantly being updated offering endless choice in style and design. Not only do they work well where space is limited as they glide open and shut, but they are also almost maintenance free and give a beautiful modern finish.


All our aluminium bi-folding doors are exclusively designed to the customer’s exact specifications. We offer a wide range of bi-folds such as Continental, Durafold 1000, Emperor Concealed, Durafold Slimline, Continental PLUS and corner bi-folds. All of the doors we offer can open either inwards or outwards and you can include a traffic door for quick and easy access when you don’t want to completely fold open


All of our doors are powder coated and the primary purpose of this is to add additional protection to the aluminium frame. Powder coating itself offers a more durable finish and protects against scratches, corrosion, fading and abbrasion as well as providing an attractive end result. Powder coating also gives you excellent choice when it comes to colour as there are over 150 RAL colours to choose from, many of which are available in matt, satin or gloss finishes.



Exceptional Security and Safety


The doors have been designed for ultimate user safety. They feature bespoke gaskets between each door panel to prevent fingers from becoming trapped when the doors are open and folding. Plus, they feature strong magnetic door holds which prevent them from blowing around in the wind when they are open. Low thresholds on external doors and flush thresholds on internal doors also minimise the risk of tripping, while concealed running gear on the bottom track also prevents children from trapping their fingers.